Personal Care & Support

Personal Care is support that involves physical contact between carer and client, so it can include washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and continence care.

Our Carers pride themselves on being discreet and professional. Thanks to our detailed care plans, they know exactly how their clients like to maintain their personal routines and will support them to whatever level is necessary, from full support to waiting outside the room in case they are needed.


Thousands of families, just like yours, trust and rely upon homecare providers to provide companionship and support services. We provide bespoke support offering much needed companionship, help with routine household tasks or simply a friend to share interest and enjoy hobbies with.

Our companionship services include:

  • Social interaction in the community

  • Support with using public transport and escorting on journeys

  • Respite for family carers

  • Company whilst doing hobbies

  • Food preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Emotional Support

  • Help with every day tasks, shopping for food or clothes

  • A friend to listen to or talk to


At Shirecare we offer person centred, engaging, flexible companionship and support. All of our Carers are matched to each of their clients through their interest and personalities building trust and genuine friendships.

You or you loved one may not necessarily need a lot of help. We’re here to support with daily activities to enable independence, well-being and preventing isolation and loneliness.

Night Sits

For people who need extra support due to medical conditions, or other vulnerabilities, additional help from night time carers can mean the world of difference to you and your family. For those who suffer with progressive mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, broken sleep can affect your overall health, which could then lead to a necessity for further health care assistance.


Here at Shirecare, we encourage customers to look after themselves in the surroundings of their own home, where they feel most comfortable. Without a comfortable and unbroken night’s sleep, remaining independent can become more difficult, which is why you may want to consider night care services from Helping Hands.

We are happy to consider any overnight care requirement our customers may have because we understand that night time care for the elderly can be difficult, especially for a relative who does not live with their elderly loved one. Night care services from an expert Shirecare night time carer can give you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and cared for, should they need any assistance throughout the night.

What Does Night Home Care Provide?

We can offer various options of flexible night care for our customers, including the following:

Sleeping Night

Where the night time carer sleeps at the property for a minimum of eight hours and will expect to get a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand if required. This option will be best for you if you don’t require regular support but feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night. Anxieties that occur from being left alone throughout the night can soon be improved if you have a professional carer there to support you if needed. Sleep deprivation could worsen your condition, so having that extra night care at home can help you to remain healthy and happy. If the carer has to get up more than twice during the night, then it will be considered a waking night. Night care from Shirecare is a flexible process and if you find that you or your loved one is waking more frequently throughout the night, your night time carer will adjust to your needs.

Waking Night

Waking night care is where the carer is on duty throughout the night for approximately ten hours, but this is flexible. This may be the best option for you if you or a loved one wakes several times throughout the night needing support, whether you wake up disorientated or due to pain caused by a medical condition. This option may also be the best support for you, if you wake at regular intervals during the night to change position due to injury, or if you have to administer medication at regular intervals throughout the night. Again, this night care plan can be adjusted according to your evolving requirements, if you are recovering from an injury and need less support, or if you require more support due to a progressive medical condition.

Sitting Service

We are also able to provide a sitting service. This is where a carer arrives at the property keeping the person requiring night care company for between 2 – 4 hours, allowing the regular carer/family member to take a break. This is a great option for customers who need reassurance.

Meal Preparation

It's so easy for some people to overlook regular meals; finding food preparation a chore or too difficult, or simply forgetting to eat. Others know they need to eat regularly, but can't be bothered to go to any trouble, so they end up eating all the wrong things, such as cakes, biscuits, chocolates, ready meals and other unhealthy choices. These are fine sometimes, as a treat, but good, healthy meals need care to plan and prepare.

Our Care Workers understand the importance of a good diet, and will ensure that clients are helped to eat meals that they not only enjoy, but that also help them to remain healthy.


Support in the way that suits you best

We're happy to fit in with your needs. We can accompany you to the shops, and help you to do the shopping, or we can agree a shopping list with you and do the shopping on your behalf. Then we can either prepare your meal, or assist you while you do the preparation. Afterwards, we can clear away and do the washing up for you.

Domestic Help

We all take pride in our homes, and we understand that as you get older, keeping on top of the domestic duties can become more of a burden for you. Which is why, it is not just your home care needs that Shirecare are able to help with. We can also help you with the domestic tasks around the house.

We can help you with your:

  • Cleaning

  • Vacuuming

  • Shopping

  • Laundry

  • Changing bed sheets


Our staff can perform these duties as a regular ongoing duty or as one offs, depending on what you would like. These calls can be purchased alongside your existing care package with us, or as a standalone package.

Live-in Care

At Shirecare, we take a person-centred approach to live-in support and care. We see each one of our customers as who they are – individuals, real people with families, likes, dislikes, existing routines and lifestyles.

Our carers take all of these elements into account to provide low level or medical-led support tailored to you or your loved one. We work with our customers, their loved ones, their GPs, hospitals and other organisations to deliver the right amount of live-in help.

Each one of our live-in support workers is friendly and enthusiastic about what they do for their customers. They strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the people they assist. They can help in a number of ways – from basic home help, collecting prescriptions to assisting with more sensitive issues, such as personal care.

Only the best candidates get invited to join the Shirecare team. They all go through a meticulous selection process overseen by our team of experts, allowing you to rest assured that the level of domiciliary care and support services you or your loved one receives is of the very highest standard. Before going into the homes of our customers to provide long term care, all of our live-in carers receive intensive training.

Bathing Service

Assisting a family member or someone you know in bathing care services can feel awkward both for you and them. In home care can be the right solution for you or your loved one. Shirecare offers senior bathing services for elders too frail or sick to take care of themselves.

One of our highly trained carers will arrive at the home and provide bathing and other grooming services. This ensures that the senior receives proper hygiene maintenance and helps avoid falls associated with slippery floors and transferring in and out of the shower or tub. Above all else it provides families peace of mind knowing their loved one will be clean and in good hands.